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Why should your business advertise with

There are a few important reasons to consider.

  • There is nothing like direct connection to the audience. In addition to the online reach our advertising packages provide direct access to potential consumers at local, regional and national high profile events allowing customers to not only hear you but see you and have an opportunity to have direct interaction with your product(s) or make a direct connection to your product(s)

  • The use of banner ads has positively affected opportunities for web - based companies. Banner ads can feature a branding message/image from your business which potential and current customers can click taking consumers to your website. At events cards with QR codes can be distributed to take the consumer directly to your website. This package can be a simple and cost - effective way of getting customers to your website.

  • All businesses hope to achieve a high return on investment (ROI) for every dollar they
    invest in marketing. Because our advertising packages include online radio ads, social media, e-blasts and newsletters plus inclusion in events in New York Tri-State Area  and events in different areas of the U.S.  is very affordable, you can realize excellent value.​

  • Not only can this strategy reach a lot of people it can also target specific customers and markets. In addition to the online ads, we also market through social media and our weekly newsletters allowing us to further target consumers you wish to reach. You can build brand awareness and loyalty quickly with our audience.

  • An effective marketing strategy makes use of a myriad of mediums to increase visibility. Our packages are a perfect way to fuse successful marketing strategies – radio, the internet and event marketing. Our cost-effective advertising packages provide a creative, interactive, and cost - effective way to reach your desired customers.​

The listeners of and those that attend our events are a diverse audience of educated and
informed tastemakers, culture drivers, influencers that support those brands that identify with their lifestyle. They are loyal to companies that support their interests.

Typical RhythmAndSoulRadio Listeners/Event Attendees:
Adults 25 - 54 HHI
Women: 55% $30,000 – $50,000: 25%
Single: 61 % $50,000 - $100,000: 40%
Married : 38 % $100,000+: 35%
African - American: 55 %
Hispanic/Latino: 26 %
White: 19%

We have one, three and six month advertising packages available as well as sponsorship packages for live broadcasts and special events that we attend and produce around the United States.

To discuss the best marketing plan for you with call 646-397-3686.

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