Hot Tracks for your Aural Pleasure

Here are some of our "Hot Picks" we are currently playing in rotation. These songs are some of those that we like that are in heavy rotation or making their way into heavy rotation on (This list is in no particular order):

Snoop Dogg feat. B. Slade - "Words Are Few" 
Stevie Tee - "Something About You"
Zaki Ibrahim - "Diamond Time"
Chris Dave & The Drumheadz ft. SIR - "Dat Feeling"
Umii - "Dangerous"
Love Moor & Suaze - "Bam Bam"
Josh Milan - "Music Is Love"
SuCH - "Ordinary People"
Chloe & Halle - "Hi Lo"
Butter ft. Melonie Daniels & Roy Hargrove - "Rise" 

Jophlo x DJ King James - "The Sickness"
Kriswontwo feat. RES - "Crying For You"
Brent Faiyaz - "All I Want""
Meshell Nedegeocello - "Atomic Dog 2017"
Zicari & Babes Wod - "Redemption"
JSWISS - "Posin"
Jeff Bradshaw ft. Jazzy Jeff & Jeff Murrell - "Stay"
Sabrina Claudio - "Unravel Me"
Shelley Nicole's blaKbushe - "I Am American"
Moon Newbill - "Come Through Mother"
Rapsody - "Sassy"
K. Avett - "The Matter (What Are We Here For)"
Trina Broussard - "Where I'm Supposed To Be"
Jannelle Monae - "Make Me Feel"
St. Beauty - "Lucid Dreams"
Beatchild & The Slackadelics - "The Only Difference"
August Greene - "Black Kennedy"
Kendrick Lemar - "Black Panther"
Sy Smith - "We Were Never Free"
The APX - "Lose Yourself To The Groove"
Porsche Smith - "Touch The Sky"
Heston - "Our Father"
Louie Vega & Josh Milan - "The World Is A Family"
Simone Sheckles - "Don't Know What" (Astral 22 Remix)
Noble Metal - "Things That Go Bump In The Night"
Lalah Hathaway - "Y O Y"
Mike Hammond - "#FUNNY"
Soul Understated feat. Mavis "Swan" Poole - "The Way I See"
Darien Dean - "Different"
DJ Hard Hittin Harry & DJ Super JB - "Dear Father"
N.K. Morton - "Legacy"


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