RhythmAndSoulRadio.com is pleased to announce a new show added to its lineup, The Heavy Storm Quiet Storm Show, hosted by Melvin Jordan.

Melvin Jordan Has A Knowledge Of Over 30 Years Of Soul & Gospel Music. He Started As A DJ in 1981 and Has been a mainstay in radio broadcasting for over 15 years .

The Heavy Storm Quiet Storm Show will be heard every Wednesday night from 10pm - Midnight EST on here on RhythmAndSoulRadio.com, The Heavystorm Quiet Storm Show Plays The Smoothest Relaxing Love Songs. while also featuring Interviews with persons of interest . It's The Show That Makes Your Night Soft & Your Bed Warm. It's The Soundtrack Of Emotions.

Friday Night, Nov. 6th at 9pm EST BHMG Life & Rhythm And Soul Radio present A Virtual Concert & Afterparty! Rhythm and Soul Radio will be taking you from reception, the concert, and to the afterparty for a special evening. The featured concert guest will be Soul R&B/Jazz singer: Jessie Laine Powell. Jessie will be performing her hit songs "Like No Other Love" and "On The Edge".

After the performance, the afterparty will begin with DJ's from Rhythm And Soul Radio until midnight.  We will be broadcasting live here on RhythmAndSoulRadio.com and a few special guests will be able to join the VIP Virtual "In-Studio" audience on Zoom. VIP audience members are accepted on a first come first serve basis and will receive digital gift bags with discounts to products and services. To join the Virtual "In-Studio" audience click here.

This virtual concert and afterparty is sponsored in part by the Broadway Bound Musical Love & Southern Discomfort. Purchase songs from the musical and get more information at loveandsoutherndiscomfort.com.

Danny Tisdale, publisher and founder of Harlem World Magazine, and Marko Nobles, founder of InJoy Enterprises announce their new Harlem World Magazine Podcast partnership.

Danny Tisdale said, “We discontinued Harlem World Magazine podcasts from September to mid-October 2020 so that we can better re-package and re-format our podcasts. Our partnership with Marko Nobles at InJoy Enterprises will be a great combination of his’ years of experience working in radio and our over 15 years of publishing.” Tisdale added, “our plan of more great interviews with leaders, legends and trailblazers, adding top news stories from the website, new reviews of Harlem products and services, coverage and announcements of the best Harlem events around and creating local partnerships with small businesses and non-profits.”

During this uncertain time with a continued pandemic and global protesta of racial injustice let's remember that #BlackJoyMatters. The Debauchery Ball and #BeDebaucherous are a way of escaping the madness, and going to a safe place where Black people can be free, if only for a short while.

 ImageNation’s Sōl Cinema Cafe is proud to announce the virtual theatrical release of the documentary, Thee Debauchery Ball, a film about a private, protected space where Black people can be free.  Starting June 12th on www.SolCinemaCafe.com, this celebrated film will be paired with #BeDebaucherous, 14 days of virtual after parties featuring more than 30 of the hottest house music DJ’s from across the globe. Tickets are available beginning June 10th. Click here for tickets

Join us on Facebook Live at 12:30pm, ET, this Wed., June 10th, for a Black Music Month discussion about the music documentary Thee Debauchery Ball (TDB), with filmmaker David Weathersby; TDB founder Khari B.,  DJ HK of South Africa's Husky Records, Marko Nobles, "The Architect" of Rhythm & Soul Radio, and Erika Jones of TDB, moderated by ImageNation founder, Moikgantsi Kgama. 

Watch it live on Facebook.com/Solcinemacafe/Live


On the next edition of The Original Rhythm And Soul Radio Show on Tuesday, June 9th we will continue to celebrate Prince Day with a special show honoring him in these times. This show will feature Prince Music of Peace, Positivity and Protest.

It's been said in multiple posts on social media that Prince always knew the Revolution would begin in Minneapolis. We're going to play those songs of his that spoke to that fact.

Listen at 10PM (EST) to The Original Rhythm And Soul Radio Show on RhythmAndSoulRadio.com. Watch the livestream on twitch.tv/RhythmAndSoulRadio

Welcome to another RhythmAndSoulRadio Artist Feature. The artist featured in this edition came has been doing his thing for awhile and is now gaining deserved recognition as he's leading a movement as the featured artist Clean Money Music and New World Station. This artist feature presents Official Booshay.


For the last week-plus we have watched our country explode in the midst of an international health pandemic over an issue that Black people have had to fight for hundreds of years, Racism. More specifically, racism in the form of Police who are paid by the people to protect and serve. Yet it has been shown again, this time in the most drastic obvious way that too many officers and people in power believe that they only need to protect and serve the "majority" and not black people. I am purposely not saying people of color because although other "minorities" face racism and bigotry it seems the Black people die much more at the hands of racists and police officers who act out their racism and feel justified to do so because of the feeling of invincibility.

So now that we have seen even more clearly the injustice of this country we are at a tipping point. We are seeing protests unlike we have seen in this country since the height of the civil rights movement over 50 years ago dealing with the same issues...Racism and Injustice. Police brutality. Inequalities for black people in what is known as the greatest country in the world, the land of opportunity. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

Now we have a choice to make. Are we outraged for a week... two weeks? Are we going to keep up the outrage until some real changes are made? What do those real changes look like?  Many agree that one major step is during elections to vote for candidates whose policies align with your concerns for justice, equality, economic empowerment, etc. I too say voting is a first step but it is one step with many layers. It is a given that the current administration occupying the White House needs to be replaced but we need to vote at every level. Congress, State Legislature, Judges, District Attorney, City Council, Mayor, School Board, etc. They say "all politics is local" so if we want to change the structure of power in this country we need to test that saying. 

There is so much more to do. So much more to say. So for now I'll just say let's not be outraged just for this news cycle. Let's stay outraged, strategize and continue to make our voices heard until we make change over the long haul.

Peace, Love, Happiness and InJoy.


Marko Nobles
"The Architect"

Welcome to another RhythmAndSoulRadio Artist Feature. The artist featured in this edition came to our attention last August as a last minute attition to a showcase of artists presented by New World Station & Clean Money Music. This young man is a naturally gifted singer, rapper, musician and producer. Please meet Marcus Charles!